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Guest Post from Laura of Sparkly to Single

Puppy Love

Animals have always played a major role in my life and I believe they are what caused me to develop such a strong sense of empathy. I have memories from my childhood of the black cats my parents had since before I was born, Hector and Basil. When I was a young teenager, we had two more cats named Freckles & Sparky, this time ginger females. At the age of 15, my family got our first dog, a golden retriever named Jasper. While I love all animals, the day we brought him home and Sparky hissed and swatted at him with her claws was the day I learned I am a dog person.

But a pet never really tugged at my heartstrings until the day I got a puppy of my very own; not my parents’ dog, but MINE. Having grown up with a golden retriever, I always thought I wanted a large breed dog. So when my fiance wanted a Shih Tzu, I didn’t think I could love it the way I loved Jasper. I thought when we arrived to pick out our puppy from the litter, that I would be the sensible one; the one who could ask about the puppy’s health and walk away if she wasn’t suitable for us. How wrong I was – the moment I laid eyes on Sierra, I fell in love with her instantly.

The bond that formed between Sierra and I goes beyond breed, beyond looks, beyond logic. It’s just pure, unconditional love. That was how I learned that I don’t need to seek out a particular breed in the future, I don’t need a puppy, I don’t need a “perfect” dog. A dog just needs love and a commitment to proper care for them, and they will devote themselves to you unconditionally. That relationship, in and of itself, is perfect.

Because of this realization, the next time I adopt a pet, it will be from the BC SPCA. Until then, I support them by being a responsible pet owner and by supporting them financially, which is why I’m donating to Jen for this Blogathon.


I’m blogging for 24 hours straight to support the BC SPCA

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One thought on “Blogathon 14 – 12:30

  1. Rob

    Great story about your pets and falling in love with Sierra. My wife runs a site about pet adoption with an emphasis on picking the right pet for you. We both feel strongly about supporting the SPCA and Humane Society and about responsible pet ownership.

    I wonder if you would like to have a picture of Sierra featured on her site? It would go perfectly on this page: Adopt a Pet You Will Love: The Shih Tzu. The site is still fairly new she’s looking for pictures for each page

    Please send an email to the email I provided on the form if you would be interested!

    I hope the blogathon goes great!
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Jul 12, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog =-.

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