Power to the People!

Remember the woe and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments I kicked up over our last power bill?

The next one has arrived.

And we are pleased!!!

Our power consumption went way back down to a completely reasonable 962kWh for the past 57 days. That’s fully 1/3 the amount of power we used in the previous billing cycle, and our slick $68.12 bill reflects that.

And thanks everyone for all your power-saving tips from the last entry. We spent much of February and March with sweaters and slippers on, and the shades drawn to keep as much heat in as possible. We kept it a cool 19 degrees inside (down to 16 when we weren’t home and overnight), and kept things romantic with the lights down low a little more often.

We didn’t change out our chest freezer, so it’s good to know that wasn’t one of the huge energy-sucking culprits, nor did we do any less cooking and baking than usual.

Now that we know the double-whammy of an unusually cold snap and being home all day for the duration of it is what did us in, we’ll be prepared if that situation arises again. I can tell you now that there will be a little extra in the emergency fund for not only the higher power bill, but also for the extra blankets and sweaters we’ll be wrapping ourselves in for those few weeks!

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One thought on “Power to the People!

  1. Mel

    Wow, that’s an impressive reduction – good job! I wish we had newer, thicker windows, cause I know we’d save a bundle. Even so, we reduced our bill 64% after the surprise hike last time, by doing much of the same.

    I’m so glad it’s getting warmer 🙂

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