Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 3

3 thoughts on “Monthly Budget Wrap-Up 3”

  1. This is one of the biggest problems I have with the cash in my wallet which is tips from my clients. I use it as my food and entertainment budget (and right now also paying for physiotherapy. Want to guess what’s happened to buying groceries or going out? Uhg.) and it’s really not uncommon for me to open my wallet and swear up and down that I had more cash in there because I don’t always remember that I maybe spent $5 here or $5 there. It’s not so much that $5 here or there is that much, but do it six or seven times and all of a sudden the fund looks very small indeed!

    I may start writing things down on a post-it and sticking it inside my wallet when I spend smaller amounts of money on things as a reminder.

  2. I know the cash-in-jars system works well for some people, but this is exactly why we don’t do it. We put EVERYTHING on a credit card (including really small stuff). This means that every month we get a list of what we’ve spent – no need to write anything down. It also tends to prevent us from spending the $5 here and there because never actually have cash (which, yes, can be a pain when you just need a toonie). And the bonus is the points! Tons of free groceries (like more than $500/year easily). The trick, of course, is to make sure that you’re disciplined enough not to overspend, and to pay the entire thing off each month, which is where I guess the cash system is probably better, but we’ve done okay with that.

  3. @Nicole-Funny, we are the exact opposite! We’re completely incapable of not using plastic if it’s available, and will routinely talk ourselves into $5 here and there. I put $1.73 on my debit card last month because it was one of *those* mornings, and I really wanted a coffee.

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