Restaurant Review: Raincity Grill

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Raincity Grill”

  1. Their fish-and-chip take out meal is delicious too. Especially when eaten across the street on the beach in the sun.

  2. Funny, the one time Air and I went there, during Taste of Vancouver a couple of years ago, we weren’t especially impressed. It was good, but nothing remarkable considering all the hype. Maybe it was an off night, but we haven’t been compelled to go back.

  3. @jen – I haven’t had their take out, but I’ve heard great things about it!

    @Derek – I noticed Raul’s (hummingbirg604) review was also during Dine Out and really didn’t like it much. I find these restaurants flounder particularly badly when they divert from their core strengths to fall in with a gimmick like DineOut.

    That said, I think we’re a bit spoiled in Vancouver for *remarkable* restaurants. There are so many great chefs doing incredible things, that simple, quiet, good food sometimes gets overlooked. I think Raincity’s been errantly painted with the same brush as West and Lumiere. It’s just not those. But IMO it *is* quite good.

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