When our neighbours suggested we join them for a unique dining experience on a random Friday evening, we knew we were game. All we had to go on were a location, a price, and a sense of adventure. And it couldn’t have been more fun or delicious if we tried.

12B bills itself as a “unique restaurant concept” – I can’t think of a more perfect way to describe it. Diane at Global Peasant and Anne at Food & Tell do a great job of describing the experience and the atmosphere. I couldn’t agree more with their assessments.

The fact that two of our party were done in by the Pink Drinks concocted by our intrepid organizer Adam, or that we erupted into regular battle cries of “BACON SEX!” (neither of which phased our host one bit) was a refreshing change from the somewhat stuffy atmosphere at most places in the city one obtains food this good.

It’s an evening that promises to leave you with tantalized tastebuds, a satisfied belly and enough inside jokes to last you a long, long while.

But enough of the shenanigans, what on earth did we eat?

French onion soup
homemade veal stock, caramelized onions, 4 cheese blend

12B 013

Deconstructed Nicoise Salad
crab & goat cheese puck with quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, green beans, nicoise olives, garlic & shallot vinaigrette

12B 017

Sole wrapped Proscuitto
asparagus cream sauce, cucumber & cauliflower in mornay sauce, local spot prawn

12B 023

Star Anise rubbed Duck Breast
orange duck jus, wild rice red pepper pilaf, carrot celery julienne

12B 024

BBQ Beef Flank Steak
red wine balsamic demi, mashed potato, artichoke bottoms, seared mushrooms

12B 032

Chai Ice Cream, Homemade Shortbread, Poached Pink Lady Apple
chef’s mom’s cookie recipe, pomeau de normandy & port sauce

12B 035

More pictures of the food and the space on flickr.
12B – a unique dining experience
12breservations {at} gmail {dot} com

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