The Tree!

5 thoughts on “The Tree!”

  1. For our tree we go for sleek and sophisticated. To that end we have white, multicoloured, and my personal favourite, chili pepper lights. Designer series it is not. Fun? I think so.

  2. Our tree has been up since the 7th and its a gorgeous tree this year. I always go for the multicolored lights so its got multi-colored lights, a mish-mash of ornaments ranging from homemade kitsch to fancy, expensive store-bought. There’s an angel on top and a skirt on the bottom and lots of garland but no tinsel!!

  3. We have a tree up! It’s actually about 2/3rds of a tree because it wouldn’t fit in the corner if I put all the branches on… oh wait I already blogged about this.

    Anyways, we have one string of lights – they are multicoloured and attached to a little box which makes them flash in tune to the midi christmas carols it’ll play if you haven’t figured out how to TURN THEM OFF. We figured that out a few years ago and now can’t remember how to turn them on again, much to everyone’s delight.

  4. what a pretty tree! and it looks great in that room
    in front of the window!
    my living room is in the back of the house
    so no one from the street can see my tree. 🙁

    its been up a while now. nothing but hand
    made ornaments. but then i do counted cross
    stitch. most of the ornaments i made, some from
    my mom and some from friends!

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