….You Must Swiff It!

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  1. I also use the swiffer wet-jet, but once you finish the bottle of cleaning solution there is absolutely no way to refill it! You have to go and buy a new bottle and that bugs me. Instead, I leave the holster empty and spray the floors with my cleaner of choice, then use the swiffer to wipe it all clean. Works well, but kind of defeats the purpose of having an all-in-one system.

  2. nooooo! not the wet-jet!

    you are killing me with the p&g loving, woman. you, me, method. it was meant to be forever. for. ever. remember that trunk-full of methody goodness from target? i do! method does! why don’t you?


    come back to the almondy floors… come back!

  3. Oh Method, how we love thee…

    I love my Vileda flat mop – tough, adjustable, and fully launderable (therefore reusable) – and use it with an all-purpose/floor cleaner spray in hand. The pad is nice and big, which makes for quicker cleaning, and the whole thing takes very little space to store.

  4. I know…. god do I know.

    I’ve got a few things I’m going to try for WetJet hacks: the pads attach with velcro, so my old oMop pad may stick to the bottom of it.

    And it doesn’t look, at first glance, like the WetJet solution container requires a vacuum to dispense (hopefully it’s gravity-only), so I’m thinking I may punch a hole in the bottom, and try filling it with the Method wood floor cleaner.

    Of course, at the rate I clean, those could both take a while, but I’ll report back again with whether they worked or not.

  5. I don’t remember the details, but I do know that my friend Sarah managed to engineer something to replace the WetJet cleaning solution with a green and homemade alternative (something you make from raw ingredients instead of buying in non-reusable packaging – the greenest of green!)

    You can reach her via my blogroll – she’s Food and Stuff.

  6. Thanks for the tip Sue!

    Also, an update: the oMop microfiber pad attached to the WetJet just fine (it’s originally designed for a velcro attachment anyhow). I used it yesterday to clean 1000 cookies worth of baking grime (seriously – one THOUSAND cookies) off the floors with no problem.

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