Practical Secret Keeping

4 thoughts on “Practical Secret Keeping”

  1. I always find it strange that some people tell other people what their gifts are. I didn’t grow up in a family where we did this. Why on earth would people tell the person getting the gift what they’re going to get?! Arg.

  2. Did you buy yourself earplugs or is it bearable?
    I love surprises although often the anticipation is better than the gift! I nead to learn to hint better or get a more perceptive husband!

  3. Your gift is great, but depending on the giftee, the opportunity (no, obligation!) to go out and buy an amplifier would make the gift even better, rather than incomplete, for some of us.

    Of course, I own seven guitars, so I may be a different sort than your fine husband. But the “go get yourself the rest” approach (especially with a gift certificate) could be appropriate in some instances.

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