Oh, Hi there!

Yes, I’m still here. Just a bit useless at blogging. I don’t know why I think I can manage to crank out posts when I’m traveling – I don’t even get much sleep when I’m on the road, let alone quality computer time that isn’t taken up with, you know, work.

(And blackjack, which is a whole other story. Actually a very short one: I started playing blackjack for the first time ever, had a good run, went out the next night, and promptly lost miserably. Bally’s giveth, and the Hard Rock taketh away. The end.)

Anyhow, here I am, back at home. And I do have a couple draft posts rattling around – which would you like to read first:

1. The long-overdue mayonnaise post
2. A minor update on the living room decor, now with small DIY project

Choose Ye! Post tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Oh, Hi there!

  1. Sue

    Personally I’d like to read about mayonnaise, since I’m deprived of the loveliness of your living room AND the funds for DIY projects for myself.

    Also, what on earth possessed you to play black jack? Ask Brook – it’s NOT a winner’s game. In the end, the casino wins. Try poker instead!

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