101 for the Locals

6 thoughts on “101 for the Locals”

  1. A lot of this sounds excellent, I’ve copied this to my “vancouver to-do list”. Being somewhat new here I’m all about trying new local greatness.

    The latte at artigiano is quite good, their macchiato is good as well. My fav’s are JJ bean macchiatos and 49th parallel espresso at their cafe in kits.

    Memphis pulled pork is ok, the pulled pork at Dadeo was some of the best food in life, but alas they have now closed.

  2. I’m partial to Fat Elvis from the Eatery.

    As I a vegetarian, I can’t comment on many of the items on the list. But I will say that the poutine at the Templeton rocks my world!

  3. The hummus at Urban Fare is honest to god the best hummus in Vancouver. And I’m not just saying that because I work there.

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