Out of the Closet

I know, it was ages ago when I promised a post about our closet organizer install. And I’m realizing that a) I hate the pictures, and b) there isn’t really much of anything to say about it.

I can say that if you’re living in a small space, maximixing what you can put in your closets is kindof a no-brainer move. I can’t believe we didn’t do it sooner. Of course, I’m now itching to find a whole bunch of pretty containers to put things in that make the closets really looks gorgeous and organized (instead of the hodge-podge of cardboard we’ve currently got). In the meantime, there are some pictures up on flickr showing a bit of the before and after.

The real big news though, is we finally bought the first piece of major furniture for the new place: the couch!

It’s the key piece we needed in our plan to really start changing our layout around, and it arrived Monday.

In the Old layout, we had a small couch in the living room, with the TV and a side-chair. We didn’t really have a coffee table, since our old one was gigantic and didn’t fit the space, so we were using a collection of trays and stools to fill in. We also had the piano in the 2nd bedroom and some bookshelves in the sun room.


With the new couch & big ottoman, we’ve now (follow along carefully here) moved the bookshelves out of the sun room (with a ruthless pruning of our book collection), relocated one into the office and the other into the dining room (getting rid of our existing sideboard). The piano moved out of the office into the sun room (to become our music room/library), and the small couch and TV moved into the office to make it a TV room as well.

new couch

The biggest adjustment for me so far is the fact that the TV is no longer in the main room of the house. Let me say that again: the TV is no longer in the main room of the house – I have to go into a separate room, on purpose, to watch television. Y’all remember how much I love my TiVo, right?

This completely changes how I interact with my home. I don’t watch as much TV – which is the goal – but it’s still very strange. So far I listen to podcasts while I’m making dinner or puttering around (instead of having the TV on), and we’ve been chilling out in the evenings, reading books or *gasp* just talking instead of zoning out in front of the tube.

That said, while I’m enjoying the change in scenery and activity, I could certainly use some podcast recommendations. I really like This American Life, and enjoy the combination of banter, humour, geekery and useful tips on Lipgloss and Laptops – so anything along either of those lines would be great. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some couch-sittin’ to do.

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5 thoughts on “Out of the Closet

  1. Raul

    Oh, I *so* much love interior design blog posts! I think I lost the one showing my tiny little apartment in the move from Blogger to WordPress. If I find it I’ll drop a link here 🙂 Great post!

    BTW – Gotta love Lip Gloss and Laptops, eh? 🙂

  2. Renee

    Oh, hey, I didn’t get a chance to comment on the clothing post, but I buy tops from http://www.hippychixshop.com. More ornate tops look good on us pears =) because they draw the eye up. Many of the ones they sell are hip-bone length, too; again, good for the body shape. And they’re puurty. In my opinion, anyway 🙂

  3. air

    I’m enjoying listening to Russell Brand (BBC2, find it on iTunes). He is a naughty boy, and I enjoy him in small doses. Great for the gym.

  4. Carlos

    On iTunes, you can’t go wrong by downloading the CBC Radio 3 podcasts with Grant Lawrence. One hour of indie CDN music every Friday. On Mondays, CBC Radio 3 also has the R3-30, another one hour podcast of the top 30 indie songs.

    I’ve also discovered Australia’s Triple J: Unearthered podcasts. (Undiscovered unsigned Aussie artists). There’s some musical gems in there.

    I used to listen to Chris Moyles and the team on BBC Radio 1. Hi show is hilarious and listening to the streamming audio is great, but I usually catchup on the comings and goings with his show’s 30 min highlight podcasts. You might find some good stuff on the BBC link in iTunes.


    (Oh yeah, nice place BTW…)

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