Two Birds, One Stone

6 thoughts on “Two Birds, One Stone”

  1. I didn’t think the first thing about a $0.50 discount was such a bad thing until I read the alternative. You’re right. That’s much, much better.

    I’m signed up for the Apple e-mails too. I agree that it’s pretty haphazard.

  2. I don’t think 50 cents is that big a deal. It’s better than some other places that give you a 3cent discount (thanks IGA). I think lululemon is banking on people using their bags for other purposes and getting exposure that way. it seems to be working as i’ve seen SO many people carrying it around.

  3. Or there is the 0.03 cents that IGA gives for bringing in re-usable bags…and which some cashiers forget to give you anyways. There has to be a better way to get people to re-use bags like you said- give to a charity, offer them coupons, or enter them into a contest or something…

  4. Yah – I bring in the bags because I care about the environment. Fullstop. It’s not about the amount of money at all. Any company tying their bags to a tiny discount, instead of the health of the planet, is clearly not tuned in to their buyers’ motivations. And of course everyone who’s making a re-useable bag is banking on it being toted around on something other than shopping trips. Personally, if I need to drag around a bag o’ stuff, I do it in my Farmer’s Market bag, for just that reason. If I’m going to be a billboard, I may as well be one for something I care about.

  5. It occurs to me now that if you really want people to remember to bring their own bags, you should actually *charge* them $0.03 for forgetting to bring their own bags. I think that would psychologically be a better incentive to remember to bring your bag than either a discount.

    Of course, a company probably would think twice before implementing this policy because it could tick off consumers. However, it might actually serve as a better motivator.

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