Fashion Conundrum

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  1. I’m the last person to be giving ANY advice on fashion, so I won’t.

    However, I’m really liking the dark purple that appears to be in fashion this year. I look good in purple. 🙂

    I tend to shop at the Le Chateau outlet store on Seymour. It has the happy. Also, lots of dark purple.

    I am also amazed at some of the awesome things I find at Value Village. I went intending to buy some decent looking button up shirts that I wouldn’t mind destroying. Instead, I got two awesome shirts that I am SO not looking forward to wrecking, for like, $8 total. Damn.

  2. I wish the high waisted pants/skirts would go away. They look terrible on anyone who isn’t a 6 foot tall waif.

    I find some great outfits at Jacob Connexion. When they have a sale you can get some awesome deals.

  3. I am rather enamored with jackets. At school they make me feel more like a teacher, and they are definitely wearable with jeans. However, I have no idea what is fashionable or trendy. I could tell you what teenagers think is cool, but I doubt it’s what you’re looking for (or what you’d wear).

  4. I too love the dark purple and gray combo that is popular this season. I particularly like jewel tones and can’t stand when pastel is in fashion.

    Lately I’ve been buying most of my clothing at Smart Set but I’ve noticed that Ricky’s has some nice stuff and they carry work pants in short lengths.

    As for the trend I hope will die – skinny jeans or those massive flowy dresses that make normal women look large and dumpy.

  5. you should go shopping with me 🙂 I’m serious, tell me a budget, and we’ll dress you.

    But if you don’t, here are my answers:
    Fave trend – meh, trend. Don’t follow trends. So that answers both questions.
    Fave place to shop – I honestly just started shopping in stores again since I left the fashion world. Holt jeans section (a few good pairs of jeans go a long way), Browns shoes, Club Monaco.
    Bargain – outlets. Splurge – Holt.

    Once you know how to dress for your body, you’re not limited to stores, you don’t need to follow trends because they don’t even matter. Who cares if you can’t wear high waisted jeans that are up to your boobs? You don’t feel sexy in those anyway, so don’t wear them!
    Solid and quality pieces that you can mix and match over the years is most more valuable. And I can go on this rant for days, but, call me, we’ll go dress you!

  6. I like to splurge on tops from RW&Co. Same company as Smart Set, but fancier. I do like Smart Set for the basics. Frankly one of the things that sucks for me right now is I have no reason to buy new fall work clothes since I’m not working. I could only justify an interview outfit.

  7. I buy just about everything at RW&Co. I love that store. It’s not too expensive, and the clothes look smart without being too dressy. But they have suits if you want them too. And pretty dresses. And nice jeans. And necklaces and bags. Sometimes they have pyjamas too! The quality is a step up from Smart Set, which I also like but find their clothes don’t fit as well.

  8. I am a big fan of Joe for inexpensive and trendy basics. The best selection can be found at the Richmond and Coquitlam Superstore locations. I would liken them in quality to somewhere like The Gap, but with some more “out there” designs and lower prices.

    Costco is also one of my favourite spots for high quality clothing at decent prices. However the size selection usually skews large and there is a lot of crap to sort through to find the gems. But I just got a great (dark purple!) cashmere sweater there for $50.

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