The Omnivore’s 100

9 thoughts on “The Omnivore’s 100”

  1. I’d eat most of the non-seafood things on there. I’d be up for trying ground insects, like at Vij’s, but not whole insects – the texture would get to me, I think.

  2. I notice that they didn’t have Stinky Tofu on there, which is almost as bad as Durian. I hear that people who enjoy both swear that the taste makes up for the smell, but maybe I’m just one of those people who thinks it’s just easier not to have to “make up for” a smell.

  3. Durian’s taste does not make up for the smell, at least in my experience. Worse still, you taste it when you burp for days afterwards.

  4. I think the worst thing I’ve eaten was a mopane worm… which is more like a caterpillar.

    I don’t recommend it. Actually, it didn’t taste too bad, but it was chewy and WOULDN’T STOP. After a while, I just wanted it to either be chewed enough to swallow so it could GET OUT OF MY MOUTH. Ugh, mopane worm, ick.

    Crocodile’s pretty good, though.

  5. Impressive! I like to think I’d try anything once – non-poisonous plants, insects and roadkill…I think it’s the dead part that’s key for me.

    Also, remind me to brew you a cup of nettle tea next time you’re over 🙂

  6. I haven’t had many of the items on this list, but I have had two of your three “would not try” items.

    Whole crickets were pretty tasty with beer, although silkworms were nasty. And I’d count a pheasant that was hit by a train as roadkill (although railkill would be more accurate a term). I was on the train, and the conductor stopped it so the guy at the back could pick up the pheasant to roast for later. We were going slowly when we hit it, I admit. I was chatting to the chef when the guy came in with the bird, so I was offered some if I came back after they roasted it.

    As for durian, I’d probably try it just to say I had.

  7. As for the roadkill. What about a deer that got hit by a car/truck but wasn’t actually smeared all over the pavement? Then it counts as venison AND roadkill.

    OR… a crocodile that was hit by a car, but with whole insects crawling all over it? Three birds with one stone. Booya!

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