I happen to be fortunate enough to know some truly super people doing truly super things lately.

SuperHero Drop Zone

First up on the roster is Riann. In about six weeks she’ll be rappelling down a 20-story building downtown, complete with cape, boots and underwear on the outside! All in the name of raising money for Easter Seals camps for kids with disabilities.

Even more remarkable, she’ll be doing it WITH ONLY ONE ARM since she lost the use of her right arm in a skiing accident in early 2007. For bonus points, up until the accident, Riann was right-handed.

Click Here to donate to Riann’s Superhero Campaign, and show up at 999 West Hastings on September 16 to cheer her on.

Running (Wo)Man

Also coming up is Tanya, who’s running a freakin’ MARATHON in January for Diabetes Research. She’ll be heading to Orlando with the 95 Crave team to run around Epcot at Disney World. And lest you think it’s all a pleasant jog through the park, may I remind you about how much I detest Orlando and what I hole I thought Epcot was. It’s certainly (at least in my opinion) a self-sacrificing trip. Not to mention all the damn running (says she who has yet to actually finish the Couch-to-5k program)!

Click here to donate to Tanya and the 95 Crave team.

Under There!

And combining the best of both worlds: underwear on the outside, and running, Donna and Gill participated once again in The Underwear Affair on team Thunder Panties in July. Any woman (who isn’t already an underwear model) who’ll parade herself around the city in nothing but her skivvies deserves some sort of superhero title. Check out their blogs for recaps and photos of the event.

Although I missed out on the merriment while I was away, and maybe you did too, it’s not too late to donate to cancer research! The donation page for this event stays live long after it’s over, so throw a few pennies their way as well.

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5 thoughts on “SuperHeroes!

  1. Tanya (aka NetChick)

    Thanks so much for the link-love, darlin! I’m really hoping to meet my goal of $4500 in pledges — I’m even rolling out a ‘contest’ on my blog shortly to inspire people to sponsor my efforts. It’s a good one! Watch my blog!

  2. gillian

    I think Donna and I are fine for donations (though thanks for mentioning us). If we do it again next year, you can pimp us then.

    I can’t believe what Riann and Tanya are up to. I do not have the figurative balls to do what either of them are doing. I’d rather just post photos of my ass cleavage on my blog, which is embarrassing but no physical effort.

  3. Riann

    Thanks Jen šŸ™‚ When I reach $600 I will reveal my Superhero identity! At $1000 I will post pictures of my Superhero garb.

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