Getting more Things Done

3 thoughts on “Getting more Things Done”

  1. If you don’t mind, what tools do you use for capturing things, e.g. next actions? Are you using a Palm? I think I mentioned before that I’m trying the Hipster PDA, which works great, as long as I don’t forget to put both it and a pen in my pocket!

  2. At the office I use the tasks app in my outlook calendar. On the go I use a Windows Mobile 6.0 Smartphone (HTC S621 if you’re super curious). I’m planning on getting an iPhone in the next couple months.

    Also, I’m trying to use remember the milk mobile, but I often scribble stuff down on napkins or scraps of paper while I’m out and dump them in my inbox when I return. (I have asked more people to borrow a pen now than I can count).

  3. I’ve done the “collecting” stage for my office, but it has yet to be done at home which is creating stress for me because the home is SUCH an organizational black hole. I’m interesting in this GTD Outlook plugin… I’ll have to check that out. I tried Xobni but it just slowed down Outlook and did a bunch of really obnoxious things like tried to email a previous client to tell them they are the 16th fastest person to respond to me. Like they need to know that. From my email program. Not.

    My next step is trying to work on a general reference system that I like (I know DA recommends just plain file folders with a labeller, but I am a hanging file aficionado, and I also like things in sheet protectors in a binder).

    In my collecting stage at the office I went through a whole notepad of Directis stationery – that’s 50 pages – just trying to empty my head. And I don’t even have any projects really right now. That’s pretty daunting. I’m kind of scared to move into “processing”.

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