5 thoughts on “How I spent my birthday weekend”

  1. It is a martingale – it’s got some sort of blue wave pattern or something on it. Last summer’s last-minute post-skunking purchase, since the old one wasn’t salvageable.

  2. glad at least you were both home over your bday weekend so you could spend it on the lake! looks like a nice lake too! and i bet it wasn’t as hot there as its been in houston! 😉

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    and i see sasha invited a friend too?

  3. joann: thanks! it was a great time! and the other dog is jazz, belonging to the owners of the cabin we stayed in.

    Derek: yes. we are poor examples of boating safety. kids, don’t try this at home. and yes, our dog’s wearing the life jacket. it’s because while she’s a good swimmer, she’s neurotic enough to leap into the water to worryingly chase after us if we’re swimming, and the handle on the back makes it easier to lift her out of the water if we’re far from shore.

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