3 thoughts on “Taxi!”

  1. Oh and don’t forget about the universal Pound-me-in-the-ass-airport-surcharge whenever you are picked up FROM the airport. Curiously, this symptom also afflicts rental car companies.

  2. Remember the Sophos Christmas party in North Van last year? Where we had taxi tickets to take us home? The taxi driver wouldn’t take me to Marpole. The furthest he went was downtown and then I had to spend $20 of my own money to get home from there.

    I’ve also had a taxi driver take me home from Commercial area late one night. He spent the first half of the ride hitting on me and the second half bitching at me when I politely declined his offer. Was rather scary.

    I don’t know why I don’t take these guys’ names down and report them. I guess I’m just so tired at the time I just want to get home and into bed.

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