Travel Bug

3 thoughts on “Travel Bug”

  1. No wisdom to offer here, because I think I handle travel horribly, just a whole lot of sympathy and good wishes.

  2. oh am i the person to comment on this!
    my boyfriend travels a lot. A LOT. every month he’s away. in the beginning it was really difficult, but slowly you do start appreciate your alone time more, as well as your together time. when he goes away, i see it as my time of relaxing and do what i like (usually means that i can hog the tv and play video games), and when he’s back, we plan date nights and do coupley things.
    the sleeping thing is a little difficult because that is the BEST THING EVER to sleep by yourself, and i have no advice for that. i just deal with it when he’s back with his snores and hit him in the face when i can. i do look forward to him being back and i can make dinner and enjoy it together.. and i also enjoy making a bit tub of pasta and eat it all by myself. Just gotta focus on the good parts of both, and learn that this life may not be for everyone, but it works for you!

  3. Sue: thanks 🙂

    andrea: I’m definitely used to the apart time – I mostly feel like I need some household manager so we can actually *enjoy* being together when we’re both home, instead of being snipey because one of us has been holding down the fort for a week and we’re not managing the handoff particularly well.

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