Haikus for Home

3 thoughts on “Haikus for Home”

  1. Welcome home. For what it’s worth, I’m no good at watering plants either. Must be genetic.

  2. what?

    you were in houston?


    how long?
    must have been during one of the hot spells….

    or maybe when we had a downpour????

    i wish i had known…wouldn’t it have been nice to call someone who occasionally posts here, in their adoptive home town when your visiting?
    sort of like meeting a new friend?

    let me know next time…….


  3. joann: man, I wish I’d remembered you live there, it would’ve been great to meet for a coffee (or at least get some ideas of local hidden gems to visit)!

    I should probably start posting my travel plans on my blog in case anyone wants to meet up while I’m out and about.

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