After threatening to get bikes ever since we moved in together, Neil and I finally took the plunge and went out and got ourselves a pair of commuter cycles.

We didn’t intend for them to match, but they do. I got this one (in black/grey) and he got this one (in green).

We went a step above the standard Costco or Canadian Tire bikes, so the frames are a bit lighter and more durable, and the wheels are bigger (so less effort to make them go ’round) with higher-quality tires.

Disc brakes and full suspensions can wait until next year if this whole “biking to work” thing actually sticks.

But I’m excited enough by the fact that we can go ride around the neighbourhood on sunny days. I’d honestly forgotten how much fun cycling is (having not bothered with it basically since I’d gotten my driver’s license and no longer needed it as a mode of transportation).

I felt a bit wobbly getting back on, but it was, well, like riding a bike. You never really forget – and in no time I was cruising around like a, not pro exactly, but fairly competent average rider.

Next step: braving morning commuter traffic in an attempt to get to work next week.

Step after that: acquiring a Springer so we can take the dog with the bikes and not die if she decides to spook and dart, and finding a trailer or rack sufficient to hold the picnic BBQ and beach supplies.

Then we’ll never spend another sunny day at home!

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