The Wedding

Now that I finally have time to write, most of the memories about our wedding are getting quite hazy. Thankfully the pictures were just finished, so I at least have a reference for what actually went on.

Wedding Day

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous or edgy at all on our wedding day. I’d planned myself into a corner – the months of both self- and vendor-inspired angst had finally rolled themselves up into a neat little ball of an event that was just going to happen – and there was really nothing left for me to do.

Nothing, that is, except socialize with the flock of family and friends that had descended on the venue. I was sort of deluding myself into thinking that I would get some alone time and wouldn’t mind being the total centre of attention. I tried turning conversations to other people’s lives – no dice. So after the eleventy-frillionth time I was asked “how do you feel? are you nervous?” and with no last-minute details to distract myself with, I was a complete basket case.

Thankfully that didn’t manifest into more than an uncontrollable lip-quiver during the beginning of the ceremony. Neil was having just as hard a time holding it together as I was – but we both made it through like the rockstars we are!

We had a few people ask about the ceremony and vows we put together – when I get around to turning on the other computer, I’ll post a link to a .pdf with the ceremony text in it.

Of course the ceremony seemed to flash by in an instant, then it was off for photos. I heard the canapes and cocktails were good, but we were too busy being swarmed and shutterbugged and exclaiming “holy crap, we’re married!” to enjoy them.

And on to the party!

And when I posted the day after the wedding that it was the best party we’d ever thrown, it wasn’t an exaggeration. Everyone seemed to have a great time, multiple guests made a point of gushing about how our wedding was the best they’ve ever attended. The most rewarding bit from a bridezilla perspective was that every detail we’d thought of – from food to drinks, to decor, to the fact that we had babysitters, to the favours, the surprise outfit changes and just the mood of the evening – someone made a point of thanking us for, or just commented on how clever, unique and awesome we are.

Even the band emailed the next day to thank us for throwing such a great party where they really enjoyed the chance to jam and rock out (apparently not usually the case at weddings). And while everyone loved the fireworks finale, I think the pyrotechnician was most excited of all about the show he managed to put on (the guy was literally bouncing up and down shouting “did you see that? It was AWESOME!

We left shortly after the fireworks, but apparently everyone else continued to party well into the night. Neil’s brother managed to find himself in a hottub fully clothed, and one of my brothers passed out under a bush.

I think that means we can officially call it a success.

If you’d like to view the photos, visit Slideshows are a nice sampling of the event. The full 800+ photo online gallery is password protected. The password is the name of the small town we were married in (lower-case). If you don’t know, comment and ask!

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14 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Courtney

    What did you do for favours? Our wedding at the end of August is going to be a small backyard affair with only family and very close friends. We were thinking of donating to a charity in the name of our guests but my sister doesn’t think people will care if we do nothing since we are paying for everything else ourselves. Any ideas?

  2. peechie Post author

    We ended up doing little tins of mint tea. We figured since Mint Tea is the unofficial official drink of Morocco, it tied in nicely to our honeymoon.

    I’m thinking I might type up another post about favours and the controversy around charitable donations (my advice: don’t go there).

    But as far as ideas – I don’t think you can go wrong with anything consumable. Little jars of jam, honey, tea, cookies, even those awful jordan almonds. Is there a special treat that ties into you, your families, your event or your honeymoon? I’d try to find a way to go for that.

    And of course, nothing is fine as well. You are already paying for the wedding, so don’t get a favour just for the sake of it – but if you find something you really like, then find a way to do that.

  3. April

    First of all Congrats!!! How were the Louboutins? Comfy? I caught a glimpse of some of the photos of your wedding on Blue Olive and I gotta say holy crap you guys looked good. Your dresses were stunning and so were your husband’s tuxes and kudos to you for jumping into the ocean with your dress on..a lot of women wouldn’t dare for fear of ruining their dress but it made for unique and beautiful wedding pics. I’d like to see the rest of the photos if you’re willing to email me the password. Enjoy married life!!

  4. Belinda

    What a beautiful venue and the photographs are amazing so glamorous! You both guys looked like movie stars from the 40’s. I love the “From Here to Eternity” homage in the after pics as well.

  5. Jean

    Really enjoyed looking at the photos, I don’t envy you the task of whittling them down to your favourites! Not that it showed but I’m betting that sea was COLD!! Congratulations!

  6. joann

    wow! stunning!

    what gorgeous wedding shots! you both looked
    great! and your dress’s and neil’s suits!


    great shots!

  7. peechie Post author

    Thanks everyone for the compliments and well-wishes!

    April: The Louboutins were a bit narrow and pinchy, but they worked out fine. The shoes and my feet reached a compromise, and made it through the night together.

    Rita: that was indeed wheels of cheese! We didn’t really dig the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on cake (we’re not really “wedding cake” people) so we did a dessert course, then “cut the cheese” and served a cheese course later on.

  8. LJ

    Brilliant photos. It looked like it was a perfect day ….. Is it rude to say how smokin’ hot your butt looked in that second dress? Congrats!

  9. gusgreeper

    man im bad at math this better go through..

    since meeting you at M’s that night was very very much looking forward to your photos going up and was NOT disappointed they are simply amazing you looked stunning and trash the dress was RADNESS! also gotta find out what those three songs were. 🙂

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