Honeymoon is over, still like being married.

I got a whopping 15 hours in Vancouver before flying out again, am now in Orlando, jetlagged to hell with the end trailings of a migrane. At least I’m the only girl on this trip, so I have a hotel room to myself!

I make it back to Vancouver on Wednesday afternoon, sleep in my own bed that night, head to Semiahmoo after work on Thursday for a night there, then back home on Friday, then fly to Vegas for a week on Saturday.

Assuming I survive into May, that’s when you can expect the honeymoon stories and pictures to appear!

Hasta Luego.

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3 thoughts on “Home-ish

  1. Sue

    Wow… depending on how things go, we might actually be moved into our new house before you get back in the country!

    Hope your head feels better soon.

  2. Crissy

    Oh my, you poor thing! You must be feeling terrible from all the travel and time zones. Take some extra vitamin C and whatnot so you don’t get sick at the end of it all!!

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