We made it to our beautiful villa in Spain, and not a moment too soon.

Morocco is a hard country to visit as a tourist. Totally worth it, but definitely more difficult than any trip I’ve taken before. I’ll get more into that in a post once we’re home.

Anyhow, just as we finally thought we’d at least figured out Marrakech and the Djeema El Fna, Morocco gave us one final fuck you.

Food poisoning.

That set in on the train at about 4:30am of the 12th of April and didn’t cease for the rest of the train ride to Tangier, or the trans-Mediterranean ferry to Algeciras, or the car ride into the Ronda Mountains to Gaucin, or indeed the rest of the day. And night.

Today, the 14th of April at lunch was our first real meal since the nefarious foodstuffs (not willing to try anything riskier than plain bread and weak tea). Needless to say, our simple homemade pasta primavera and salad (with all fresh, local produce, thankyouverymuch) was the best meal we’ve ever tasted.

In that fateful 36 hours, we’ve thrown up and pooped more times than I can count, in three kinds of transportation, across two continents. We have shared the kind of embarrassing bodily-function moments that guarantee we can never split up now for fear of the secrets getting out.

If we can make it through that, we can make it through anything!


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8 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. Mel

    I hope this leg of your trip is anything but difficult and that you enjoy lots of amazing, non-poisonous Spanish food 🙂

  2. Riann

    Was the food that poisoned you at least tasty on the input? Food poisoning always seems more ridiculous when acquired by hot dog as opposed to something worthwhile.

  3. Sue

    OMG that is the total suck!! ARGH!

    I finally remembered the name of the place we stayed at in Ronda, so you can go for a VERY nice (non poisonous) dinner (if you get this while you’re still in Spain, of course) – It’s called Alavera de los Banos. It is, not surprisingly, by the Roman baths.

  4. Darren

    Yeah, that sucks. I’ve so been here. We had more than one gastro-intestinal episode while in Morocco. It’s the price, I fear, of living and travelling in the developing world.

  5. Jen

    Not too much to update here, but we’re feeling MUCH better, and now that I have discovered Andaluccia, reluctant to return home this weekend 🙂

  6. April

    Food poisoning sucks…especially while traveling. I hope the rest of your trip goes off without a hitch. Hope you had a great wedding day and everything!

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