The Losing of the Mind

5 thoughts on “The Losing of the Mind”

  1. Honey, the dress fabric will cover any cellulite that’s there, and your ass will look fantastic, fancy panties or not 🙂 Glad you seem to have survived the whole ordeal, anyway!

  2. I bought, then rejected, two underwear combinations before finding something that resulted in no VPL/unsightly lumps caused by the underwear itself. I understand the difficulty of finding something “right.”

  3. I will provide testament to Riann’s bridal bloomers blues. (hee hee, couldn’t resist). And I’m sure Mel is right, your ass would look fantabulous in a wrinkled plastic bag let alone a beautiful wedding gown. That’s why I’m your friend in the first place, because of your phenomenal tush.

    But, and I hate to be the bearer of probably unwelcome news… I think Tabi clothing stores carry Spanx. Yes, Tabi. They’re the store your frumpy great-aunt shops at… and possibly your MoH because since having a child I found myself thinking, hey, that’s a really pretty blouse. Anyhow, they carry Spanx. But probably not the one you’re looking for anyways, right?

  4. Love,

    Next time, send me an IM, I will run to Nordy’s and pick you up 2 pair and send them air mail.

    Forget not your US friends and their love for your underthings 🙂

  5. i agree with kyndra!
    was going to say email me, call me and i’d happily look for it in houston and air it up to you. i’ve done some shopping for my friend in hallifax before! 🙂

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