Best Co-workers Ever

So, my co-workers are totally better than your co-workers.

They’ve been scheming for a week now, completely behind my back, to put together a surprise wedding shower. They even got Neil involved, and had him come to the office for the festivities.

I’d been having a completely insane day, between the regular insanity of getting ready to be off the grid (at least as far as work’s concerned) for a little over three weeks, as well as a project that got bumped up by two weeks today.

So when one of my colleagues suggested a trip down to Starbucks at about 3:00, I was game. He even had us go down to his car in the parkade afterward because he “forgot something” in it.

It was all a complete scam.

I came back up, and Richard (the Starbucks decoy) said “hey, lets go into the boardroom and hammer out that storyboard.” Off we go, and I walked into a room full of people and balloons and Neil.

There was wine, and cheese, and presents, and a plastic tiara with a toilet-paper veil on it.

And how well do these people pay attention? They gifted us with the Cuisinart Grind ‘n’ Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Maker, a bunch of different coffees, and some Tazo Refresh and organic Chai teas (my go-to hot drinks when the caffeine jitters are finally too overwhelming).

Yah, I work with a pretty kickass group of people.

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4 thoughts on “Best Co-workers Ever

  1. joann TX

    so where are you registered?

    what a great group of co workers! sounds like a great and thoughtful gift!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. peechie Post author

    jen & Crissy: they’re a pretty kickass bunch. I definitely lucked out in the co-worker department.

    joann: since we have a ton of “stuff” (and little room for more of it) we’re registered at – people have been pretty cool so far about giving us the gift of travel & experience, instead of flatware and tchochkes.

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