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We now return you to your regularly scheduled Happy.

I kept telling myself that I didn’t want to get to this place, but it has happened. I am completely, totally and utterly obsessed with my wedding. I swore I would not be one of those brides who took any moment, any conversation and related anything and everything back to her upcoming celebration. I would maintain other interests, I would talk about other things. I would think other thoughts.


I am consumed.

And it feels so good to just let go and be that person.

As I see things coming together, as all the pieces start to fall into place, I can’t help but get more and more excited. Trying to shove it all down inside was making me cranky – so I have decided to just go ahead and let myself be that excited, obsessed, unapologetic bride-to-be.

So I hope you’ll forgive me if I have very little else to blog about for the next couple weeks (ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!!1111 – only 14 sleeps until we leave, 16 until I’m a missus).

Anyhow, I figured I’d give an update on the list of wedding to-do’s from a few weeks ago when I was driving myself mad with a few things that were overdue.

I’m quite pleased to say that particular list is almost entirely complete!

We still need to finish writing our ceremony & vows, pick up a couple small travel-related things and rent a car in Spain, but that’s about it as far as those things were concerned.

Of course, more items are still pending – we’re not nearly finished everything yet.

We also still need to:

Finish writing our ceremony & vows (we really need to get this done in the next couple days!)
Pick up our travel package from the travel agent (set for this weekend)
Buy gifts for our attendants (I at least know what I plan on getting – Neil has no idea)
Finalize the rehearsal & dinner (another one delegated to the Groom)
Chase down the few people who haven’t sent in their response cards
Figure out our seating plan
Recruit a Master of Ceremonies (we have a guest in mind – still have to ask him)
Put together a playlist of music for the band to turn on between sets

And there are a few other things I’m leaving out (because they’re surprises!) or just forgetting at the moment.

Now, though, everyone is starting to ask me “aren’t you nervous?”

Nervous about what?

I’ll admit I’m a bit anxious about how the whole day is going to unfold; how is my vision actually going to make it through the execution phase. The only thing that bugs me a bit (and probably what fuels most of the “you must do these expensive things to have a perfect day, or else…” mentality of the wedding industry) is that I don’t get a do-over.

Part of what I love about running major events for work is that each one is a learning experience, and they keep getting better and better. For the wedding, I don’t get a “next time.” It puts the pressure on for sure, and I’d by lying if I said I won’t rehash every little thing that didn’t go perfectly or could’ve been done better with hindsight.

But nervous about actually being married? Hah. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. And frankly, I’d be more nervous if I wasn’t

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6 thoughts on “Giddy Ninny

  1. mark

    WHO says you don’t get a do-over?? That same wedding industry? Pardon my French, but FUCK ‘EM! 🙂

    Have another party in six months… a year, two years, whatevs… “hey we’re celerating our marriage… again. don’t bring gifts, just yourself and be prepared to ROCK OUT with your, uhm, guitar… out!” have a Wii bowling party at one of those big-screen mini-theatre rental places and if something didn’t go right the first time, do it that time.

    but then again, that’s just me…


  2. April

    Just wanted to say Congratulations to you and to say that there is nothing wrong with getting totally consumed with your own wedding. Its a very exciting thing to happen to you so why the hell shouldn’t you be giddy and excited. Have fun!

  3. Derek K. Miller

    In my (also singular) experience, all the stuff that goes wrong — and some will — doesn’t lead to hindsight over-analysis. It just makes some good stories.

    In our case, one of our bridal attendants literally got a bee in her bonnet (we were outside next to Deer Lake), and also because of the location, my wife’s dress got some green goose-poop stains on it. (Guilty secret: they’re still there.) We also decided to drive our own car back to the reception party at our house, rather than the nicer vehicle our relatives had decorated up for us.

    Even immediately afterwards, we just laughed about all that. I think you’ll be so happy and relieved none of the niggly problems will matter.

  4. Sue

    There’s nothing more worrying than a bride-to-be who ISN’T all-consumed and thoroughly thrilled about her wedding, IMHO. So go ahead, blog about it to your heart’s content, and if that isn’t enough you can MSN me too. I will indulge all your giddy bride blatherings – it’s my pleasure. 😀

  5. Hannah

    One of my friends has been married on paper for a year, but hasn’t had the ceremony yet. She’s getting married the week after you. All I hear from her is complaints about how irritating it is to have to pose for the wedding photos (done several weeks before the wedding here), arrange the buffet dinner, and how come she has to get dressed up at all… She’s not an enthusiastic bride. I guess since she’s already been married for a year, it’s not the same. She’s just doing the ceremony because her in-laws want the chance to invite their friends.

    I’m glad to hear you’re bubblingly happy about it. It’s really nice and refreshing. I can’t wait to see you!

  6. peechie Post author

    mark: true dat. many many parties will follow this one. Lots of chance for mini do-overs.

    April: Thanks! And (it took me a while to realize, but) I am having fun!

    Derek: you’re probably right – none of the tiny things that end up differently than I expected will actually matter in the end – and some of them may actually make the day better.

    Sue: careful what you commit to – I’m a woman possessed these days!

    Hannah: Can’t wait to see you either! We’re so excited!

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