I have how many weeks?

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  1. Just because I’m curious as to what other people do with their pets when they leave town… where’s Sasha going while you’re on your honeymoon? 🙂

  2. Heh, yet another thing I haven’t dealt with! We’re lucky enough to have some friends who are usually very, very happy to take her (and would gladly adopt her I think). If they can’t do all 3 weeks, Neil’s mom has already said we can leave the dog with them – though we’d have to go retrieve her after coming home (they live 6h away).

  3. I’m not sure how set you are on guestbooks, but it seems a bit…oldschool no? Some ideas I’ve heard/seen: from a wedding I went to this summer: The couple had a picture of themselves with huge white borders and a bunch of sharpies so you could write in the borders, that way they could look at the comments all the time. The other idea I’ve heard of was to have pebbles and gold/silver markers and each guest gets to write on a stone and you can use those stones for aquariums/candles/on your fireplace(if you have one).

  4. How fancy do you want the thank you cards to be? I can pick some pretty but generic ones up at Shoppers and bring them on Sunday. However, I would expect a thank you card for the effort . . . 😉

  5. That is one daunting list!
    What does Neil’s list look like? Maybe you need to delegate/share. 😉

  6. Wow, you need to get a wriggle on girl! My Stepdaughter gets married in April and she seems to be in panic mode already!! I’m with the above comment, you need to delegate. Unfortunately my SD appears to delegate…to me

  7. I agree with Jean, you definitely need to delegate. I just went through all this with my brother’s wedding in October..I wasn’t maid of honor but the maid of honor was kind of useless so a lot of things got delegated to me, the bridesmaid. This was a good thing because my brother’s wife also procrastinates and she ended up having an almost nervous breakdown a week or two before the wedding.
    A great idea for a guestbook I saw at a wedding once was they put out those little joycam polariod cameras and markers and the guests took thier picture and put it into the guestbook and wrote something nice underneath.

  8. If you find yourself stuck (and don’t want to drive 6 hours!) I currently have a massive fenced backyard and lots of people who are frequently home… and my dog is only insane with other dogs when she’s on a leash. 🙂 I would, of course, have to check with the parents, but I doubt there’d be a problem. Dogs are good. 🙂

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