One of my favourite features of the Nike+iPod setup is the Powersong.

It’s a simple concept – pick a song that pumps you up, gets you going, gets the mojo flowing, renews your energy. Program that song into your iPod nano as your Powersong. When you’re lagging and need a boost, you hold down the nano’s centre-button for a few seconds, and whatever song was playing is paused while your Powersong comes on. Once the Powersong is over, you go back to your regular workout playlist.

Also, a fun community feature that’s tied in to it is iTunes collects the Powersong data from all Nike+iPod users, and keeps a list of the 10 most popular Powersongs. It’s a pretty typical list as far as such things go: Iconic Rock Anthems and high energy dance music (The top 5 right now are Eye of the Tiger, Pump It, Thunderstruck, Sexy Back and Lose Yourself).

And this past week I’ve taken the concept of a Powersong to a whole new level. I’ve been so.



for about 6 weeks now.

Packing, moving, wedding, running, training, working.

And none of them are really as simple as those single words. Buying a house and the associated paperwork and organization, planning a destination wedding, planning a 3 week (backpacking, we’ve decided) trip (including making plans for things that need to happen while we’re away and immediately after we return), finding an extra hour every day for the running and training, the pain and exhaustion as my body gets used to having my ass kicked 5 days a week, and increased duties and responsibilities at work because things are getting busier and I’m also wicked awesome at what I do (yay for career development).

All of which I love. But seriously – stop this crazy ride for a moment, wouldja?

Since my demands (see above) for the world to pause on its axis just long enough for me to catch my breath seem to be going unheeded for the time being, I’ve decided my headphones to tune out as much of the crazy as possible – and a good powersong – are going to have to be enough to keep me going for the next couple months.

When I need to clear my head at work. When I need something to sing along to in the car. When I have more appointments in my calendar than hours in the day. When I’m surrounded by my nearly exploding homeowner’s manual, dirty dishes, mounds of laundry in various stages of clean and would rather ignore it all and dance. I grab my iPod, turn on my Powersong, and forget about it all for 3.5 minutes.

Right now I’m alternating between two tracks:

Flying – The Secret Machines (Originally by the Beatles, found on the Across the Universe soundtrack)
Piece of Me – Britney Spears (don’t judge)

So what about you? How do you keep your sanity when you’re crazy busy? What’s your powersong?

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6 thoughts on “Powersong

  1. Scott

    The Prodigy – Voodoo People
    Fat Boy Slim – Renegade Master

    Of course there’d a whole bunch of rock or metal I could go into too


  2. Darren

    Don’t judge? I wouldn’t dream of judging after reading that list of the top five powersongs. “The Eye of the Tiger”? Really? Is the average user of the service a 55-year-old?

  3. gillian

    James – Laid

    Short, sweet, sexual references: what else do I need to get my butt in gear?

    Back when I was taking “spinning” classes at a gym at UBC, one of the songs regularly used to start the class was “99 Luftballons” by Nena. Which was before our time and retro even then.

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