Agent Provocateur

For the past 30 minutes, there have been flashes going off pretty much non-stop outside my office windows. From 6 floors up, it could really be a number of things: tourists taking photos, one of the bajillion international students in the area taking photos, welding… who knows.

Then the music started. Christmas carols blaring. So I got off my arse and took a good look out the window at what was going on down there.

I suppose now is a good time to mention that I work across the street from the new Agent Provocateur store (link not particularly safe for work).

There is currently a cube-van with glass walls and a faux office-scene inside it parked out front (after all, this is the core of the business district), containing 3 lingerie models clad in store product and not much else.

I also thought there was a minor earthquake, but it was just all the men in the building dashing downstairs to gawk from a better vantage point. That, and get photocopies.

Yes, I said photocopies. One of the girls is busy sitting on a photocopier, and the other two are handing out copies of her ass (I borrowed one from a co-worker and scanned it, just for you!) to the gawkers.

Sometimes, B2C marketing is way more fun.

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