Celebrity Skin

I’m flying solo this week as Neil jets off to the exotic plains of Columbus, Ohio.

I suppose it’s only fair he finally gets his own trip – after all, I’ve been to New York and Las Vegas while he’s stayed behind, holding down the fort.

What I think is completely unfair however, is that he’s going to Columbus (home of the Bluejackets and the Buckeyes and not much else) and gets a celebrity sighting out of it, while I went to Vegas (twice!) and NYC and only managed to get hassled by the mob.

Apparently Currie Graham was catching the United flight from YVR to O’Hare at 8am today.

Then again, I’m mostly useless at actually recognizing celebrities while out and about anyhow.

It only hit me about 45 minutes after the fact that I stood next to Mario Cantone in line at Cafe Artigiano on Hornby one day. And Neil was the one who pointed out I was sitting a mere two empty stools away from Peter Gallagher at Tojo’s Omakase Bar last month.

All this in spite of the fact that I’m the TV watcher in the relationship, while his nose is usually buried in a book or his laptop on the couch next to me.

So I was probably standing next to Paris Hilton in the towel line at the Mandalay Bay pool and just didn’t notice…

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