The Long and Short of It

Neil and I went to the Canucks game tonight – my first attendance at GM Place of the season – to watch them take on the Edmonton Oilers.

The game was unremarkable. Mediocre hockey at its finest. The game was 0-0 (pet peeve of mine – calling a game “scoreless.” There is a score: it is 0-0) through all 3 periods and the 5 minute overtime. The Canucks finally lost in the 3rd shot of the shootout.

What *was* remarkable though, was seeing Greg Neufeld (2nd from the right in the photo), Canadian Idol 2006 and 2007 top 10 contestant as a fellow game attendee. The remarkable part wasn’t seeing him there – after all he is a local boy – the remarkable part was how freaking SHORT he is!

After watching the Idol series and seeing him practically tower over nearly everyone else on stage, it was highly disconcerting to walk past him and see that he’s at least an inch or two shorter than Neil (who is 5’10 and a tiny bit – and I have been explicitly told that I must include the “tiny bit” which is very important!).

But I was seriously expecting Neufeld to ring in around at least 6 feet. Apparently not so.

Anyhow, Greg, in case you google yourself (or if you know Greg and/or google him): you still rock the casbah, even though your stature is somewhat diminished from what I expected. I still think you should have won and your voice is like buttah and if you actually become as famous as you deserve (and therefore completely unreachable to a commoner such as myself) I will bump John Cusak from top spot on my laminated list (he’s getting a bit long in the tooth now anyhow).

And now I must go start researching other TV personality and assorted celebrity heights. Next thing you’re going to tell me Tom Cruise is only 5 feet tall.

Oh wait….

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4 thoughts on “The Long and Short of It

  1. WCG

    It’s interesting, and I’m not sure what causes it, but most men in show biz are shorter than the norm. Particularly movie stars. The famous example is Sy Stalone, who is 5’2″, but still, most of them don’t top 5’6″. It’s easy to shoot men to make them look taller, and they do, but what I want to know is why? What’s wrong with short guys as movie stars?? (I’m short myself, mind you, so… 🙂 I know it’s a cultural thing that taller somehow equals stronger and more manly, but … does not compute! 🙂

    He’d make my laminated list too!

  2. Richard

    (pet peeve of mine – calling a game “scoreless.” There is a score: it is 0-0)

    Also, how people say “overtime settled nothing”. Sure it did. It settled that there was to be either a shootout or, before the current rules, a tie.

    To address your main point, yeah, TV adds 6 inches.

  3. peechie Post author

    Chris: fair enough, when talking about the play, ie. “Play up to this point was scoreless” meaning, no scoring. But in referring to the game itself, which always has a score (if there were no scorekeeping, its status as a game would be dubious), saying “The game was scoreless” is just dumb.

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