Who’s the Boss

3 thoughts on “Who’s the Boss”

  1. This is why I’m glad I haven’t had to set up a tradeshow in many, many years. I’m surprised that the people who run the Javits Center and the tradeshows themselves put up with that stuff. I guess anyone who’s ever tried to set up a competing non-intimidating convention space probably got run out of town, or worse.

    Does famously mobsterish Las Vegas have a similar problem for CES etc.? If not, is that why so many conventions go there?

  2. Yeah, you SO don’t wanna f*ck with the NYC boys. Seriously. I was just there and had dinner at a Hell’s Kitchen Italian place – the chef came out and talked with us and he’s one of those boys. took me out for wine, cool, but not only did I feel protected but also, like… don’t misstep on this one. Everywhere we went, our bills (biggish) were COVERED. talk about wow.

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