Up Up and Away

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  1. The Lower Eastside Tenement Museum – I think you can only get in with a tour, but their really interesting. I loved taking photos around Coney Island – I bet it’s pretty eerie around this time.

    Also, check out Rice to Riches, the rice pudding store!

    There were some pretty awesome restaurants, but I can only remember how to walk to them, not the names or addresses.

  2. If you want to see a Broadway show, hit up the TKTS booth in Times Square the day of. Half price or less for last minute seats on first run shows. Absolutely fantastic. I saw “Rent” for $30 (5 years ago, but rumor has it, it’s still about the same.)

    …and say hi to my roommates girlfriend. She also flies to New York tomorrow morning. 🙂

  3. I love to go up things and look down when I’m travelling, so I loved the Empire State building. And I’m a Yankee fan so going to Yankee stadium was incredible, and it’s going to be torn down soon so if you’re at all into baseball heritage (or just taking the subway into Brooklyn …) I would suggest going for a walk around the outside.

  4. When I was there this time last year, I really enjoyed just walking around the neighbourhoods and taking in the atmosphere. I found some neat boutiques and restaurants and met some interesting people that way. Mind you, it was 20-25C most of that week (crazy warm October weather) so I was lucky that way. Even the one rainstorm had warm rain.

    MoMA was awesome. If you go to one museum, go there. They even let you take photos.

  5. For shopping, I definitely recommend Soho, which is the streets around West Broadway and Houston (south of Houston). There are larger “mainstream” designer stores but also a lot of great little boutiques. For cheap shopping, go to the Lower East Side, adorable boutiques and a little less pricey than soho.

    And don’t miss the public library. The architecture alone is worth the trip.

    Also, hello, I’m Kara and have been lurking around for a bit so I thought I’d pop in with some info on my fave city.

  6. Go have pizza at Lombardi’s in little Italy. However, if your stomach won’t … heh… STOMACH that…(groan) then find your way down to Century 21 across the street from the World Trade Centre site. It’s where Colin & Stacey very frequently take people shopping on What Not to Wear.

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