Hockey Time

It’s that time of year again, and the time of year when I have extra tickets for games I can’t make it to.

First up: Wednesday September 26th vs. San Jose – 7:00pm.

The tickets are in Section 322, Row 15, Seats 109/110.

Price: $120 for the pair. That’s my cost. (Regular price is around $180)

Here’s how it works – comment or email me (jen at thisdomain dot com) and I’ll let you know if you’re the first to respond. I’ll give you instructions for either a paypal or hyperwallet transfer (your choice). After I’ve received the funds, I’ll email you the tickets.

I know there’s been some scandal around “e-tickets” – and I suppose if you’re worried about me scamming you, this isn’t the venue for you to get to the game. Canucks season ticket holders (which I am) have the option to email tickets to a friend if they can’t get to the game. I promise I’m not scamming you, just busy.

Alternately, if you can manage to get downtown today or tomorrow and meet me outside my office during a very specific window of time, I will consider exchanging the tickets for cash. But I’m in a lot of meetings for the next couple days and leaving at 5:00 each day for some other commitments – so it’ll be tight.

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