If you, like me, live anywhere near the Vancouver area you’re probably innundated right now with fruit flies.

Oh my holy hell, it’s like a fly convention in here. Despite religiously cleaning up any spills, keeping foodstuffs hidden away and taking out the garbage, all it takes is for us to make dinner or pour a glass of wine and they’re EVERYWHERE, again.


I’ve found a really easy way to get rid of them!

So I figured I’d share:

Find a small jar or container you don’t particularly like (I’m using a small, empty mustard jar, but one of those tacky promotional mugs would work just as well). Put an inch or so of red wine into it (it’s the liquid the flies seem to like best ’round these parts, plus the dark colour means you can’t see the pile o’ corpses in the bottom). Put a couple drops of liquid dish-soap into the wine.

The flies are drawn to the wine, but when they land on it, the dish soap has broken the surface tension and the wee buggers instantly plummet through the wine to a grapey death at the bottom of the jar.

We’ve had this out for about a week, and have been fly-free ever since.

You’re welcome 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Shoo-Fly

  1. Ryan

    Jen, this is the best suggestion ever. I’m going to set this up when I complete my next bottle of wine. Where are all these flies coming from??? Oh wait, that’s Sam over at city hall again. Gawd that guy stinks.

  2. Karin

    That’s awesome! I’ve heard that some traps fail because the flies are just trapped, not killed. Then the smartest ones escape and breed a race of SUPER FRUIT FLIES!!!

  3. Sue

    Hahahah not to mention, there’s often a few extra ounces of red wine left over at the W/W household. Sorry, been drinkin’ some cab franc, felt the need to be snarky.

  4. Gwen

    I made the same “discovery” Friday night at dinner when looking into my boyfriend’s glass of wine (we don’t drink very quickly) and there were three drowned fruit flies. Eewww! The summer is cooling down so I hope it’s not a problem for much longer around Vancouver.

  5. April

    We got the damn fruit flies on the East coast as well…thanks for the tip, I’ll have to give it a whirl.

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  7. H-dawg

    Yes red wine is a winner. But Sam Sullivan is a loser. I am totally and utterly choked at the total lack of effort on resolving the strike. In fact its the total lack of respect for the citizens of Vancouver – that he cannot even take it seriously. He will so ignominiously dumped next election – no Olympics for you buddy. You can watch from the sidelines liek everyone else – there is an election BEFORE 2010 right??

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