3 thoughts on “CAN-ned”

  1. Wow, that sucks. I’d be really disappointed to see CAN get more expensive or go away entirely. A co-op (not a company!) trying to reduce our collective impact on the environment should be given a tax break, if anything!

  2. The rules that apply to coops are significantly different than the rules applied to for-profit businesses. Having worked with the provincial ministry involved (and the specific branch as well) I’ll be interested in seeing how this one plays out.

  3. Have you sent a letter to the Ministry of Small Business, and anyone else who might have clout here, like environmental groups, your MLA, etc? If it can be proved that people who use CAN are reducing the amount of cars on the road, I would think that environmental groups, the Green Party, and anyone else concerned with climate change would be CAN’s champions.

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