Mondays on a Tuesday

Sitting at my desk, drinking coffee, chatting with colleagues about the long weekend past, and getting my workflow in order.

I feel proud that I managed to shake off a poor night’s sleep and get in to work without incident.

I smile at myself, take another sip of coffee, and run my tongue over my teeth.

And it hits me.

I totally forgot to brush this morning.


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4 thoughts on “Mondays on a Tuesday

  1. Ryan

    Where is she going with this… where is she going… omg! That’s too funny. My random discovery today was that the pool closure at the gym was Aug XX – September 4 “inclusive”. So I did weights. It was the quietest day at the gym ever, you could have sworn it was xmas holidays.

  2. joann

    did you drink more coffee?

    there is a huge bottle of listerine in the ladies room where i work. i think this must be the reason its there, do you think? 🙂

  3. peechie Post author

    I did finish my coffee.

    Then I went to the drugstore across the street and bought a travel toothbrush/paste/floss to leave in my desk drawer, in case such an emergency ever arises again.

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