How did I get there from here: Part IV

One thought on “How did I get there from here: Part IV”

  1. first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!
    i’ll assume you are now working at your new job. ….. its june 27….
    i think its great that you found the right person to help you find something in your field!!! that’s great news!

    now, the HR dept. where i work is run by a “Barbie” doll….need i say more? she hasn’t a clue…i repeat, hasn’t a clue what most of us do in the dept. and usually has us write our own job description. sad, but true.

    i used to think anyone could pass HR 101…and i’m sorry if i’ve offended anyone out there….i’m sure there are some seriously good and well trained HR personel….unfortunatly i’ve never met any.

    congrats again jen!!!

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