How did I get there from here: Part II

4 thoughts on “How did I get there from here: Part II”

  1. I think the reason why and how networking can go wrong is because we’re usually told (by parents, teachers, mentors, friends) to network in order to find a job. So then we go to some event and talk to people who aren’t hiring in our field and we feel like we’ve wasted our time; or we do talk to people who are hiring but we feel like we have to sell ourselves in some way, like it’s an interview to get another interview. I ended up going to a bunch of networking events and then leaving them feeling I’d failed because I hadn’t “promoted” myself that much.

    What’s funny is that the “networking” I’ve done through friends of friends, and the blogging community, has been far more beneficial to me (and my wallet and career) than any of the specific networking events (that are actually called networking events in their advertising). I wonder if the people who were nagging me to network a few years back never had to do it themselves, because as far as I’ve experienced (and as you have) it’s not like they tell you, and thank God for that.

  2. Yah, other than a few “how to network” events, I still find anything that’s advertised as something for the sole purpose of “networking” to be on a pain level somewhere between bikini wax and being punched in the face. I’d rather have a bikini wax than network, though if it came down to it, I’d rather network than be punched in the face.

    Like you, I’ve had much more luck (and saved a ton of cash) going to events that are built more around like-minded people sharing ideas and resources. It also seems to set the tone for a much more friendly and generous atmosphere from the get-go.

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