If you’ve been paying attention to Facebook in the last couple hours, you may have noticed that I finally got a damn job.

My new title is Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager. Yes it’s a mouthful. No, I’m not sure how it’ll all fit on my new cards. I’ll be working for a small, but rapidly growing high tech surveillance equipment manufacturer. If you’re in need of such a product, or just curious (because frankly, it’s pretty cool stuff), then drop me a line to ask about it. I’ll probably take the usual stance of not mentioning the company’s name outright on the blog.

The first day is Monday, and I am now running around like mad, trying to get some things taken care of before I cease to have entire empty days at my disposal – so further details will have to wait until after my siesta. Especially since they’ll be very few and far between from here on out.

Also, the commute’s a little further than at the last job – but I’m still trying to avoid purchasing a car. Anyone know where I should look for a good commuter bike in the $500 range, and what I should look for when buying one?

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8 thoughts on “Workity

  1. Jer

    Congrats on the job.

    As for the bike, I only spent ~$200 on my last one, esp. after the 2 prior ones got stolen (despite being locked and in a cage). I treat bikes as commodities now.

    Try a non-profit called Our Community Bikes on Main at 17th. They have a good selection of used bikes, and they support a good cause.

  2. peechie Post author

    Good to know that bikes are that affordable. I’d like to keep the whole package sub $500 after bike, helmet, lock, rack and a pannier or two. It seems distinctly do-able, which is nice.

    Now I just have to learn how to navigate traffic and not get killed by suburban (both geographic and automotive) drivers.

  3. Emma

    Congratulations on the job!

    I cycle to work but it’s only 3 miles or so and it’s fairly flat. For my bikes I get what we call in the UK either Town Bikes or Hybrid Bikes (I have a Probike Discovery at the moment). They are faster than mountain bikes (I really wouldn’t get a mountain bike unless your commute to work involves a lot of off trail riding!) and sturdier than road racing bikes.
    I love my current bike as it is lightish, has a comfortable saddle and it has things like mud guards and a chain guard. The only thing I’d like is a couple more gears (mine only has 3).
    As for cost there are 2 routes to go down really; spend more and invest in servicing/repairing the bike or spend less but only bank on it last a year or 2.


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