Money Money Money

5 thoughts on “Money Money Money”

  1. Way to stick it to him. Of course, when you’re writing contracts, you can always say “It’s for a party I’m throwing” to avoid the wedding cost (though that works better for car rentals than singers, of course).

    Btw, Wedding Singer++ – the song introduced by Billy Joel was our first dance 😉

  2. Idol – Billy Idol! There was no Piano Man in the Wedding Singer!

    And I do remember your first dance song, it was awfully adorable – and incidentally, it *was* a nice day for a white wedding.

  3. Isn’t it weird how some people just don’t want your business, but won’t tell you? If you don’t want to work for me, just say so, and I’ll find someone else! But having said that, having a wedding singer and some bandmates sounds great, and I’m really looking forward to it!

  4. Er, yeah, Billy Idol. I don’t listen to either artist (and can name exactly two songs written by either of them), but my reading comprehension is usually better than that. I blame lack of coffee.

  5. What I hate about the wedding machine is the insistence that “your day won’t be perfect without our (insert ridiculous trinket here).” Actually, I’m pretty sure my guests won’t care that I don’t have personalized wedding napkins.

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