Thursday Thirteen

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. I get freckles from the sun. Seriously, I only have to be out like 5 minutes and there they are. Cute on the nose, but I don’t care for mine anywhere else 🙂

    Your two-buck-chuck comment made me laugh! Can’t say I’ve heard that one before, but I do loooove Trader Joe’s!! (and Aldi’s, too!)

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  2. Good luck on your project – and not that I feel enlightened or anything, but I thought your list was at least interesting enough to read to the end.
    Happy TT13 – mines up at Any Apples

  3. On #1, your dog’s not quite catlike yet. She needed to have jumped on your bed, and on top of you, a couple times during the crazy dance. Also, she should’ve been doing it around 4:30 in the morning.

  4. Oh this was on and over the bed (again and again and again), and us since we were in it.

    At 10:00pm it was laughable. At 4:30am… she’d have been today’s dinner.

  5. Hey just wanted to let you know tha they are opening a trader joes in bellingham! my plans are to go down every couple of months to stock up on my faves also have you tried suamc ridge its not too bad (for cheap stuff that is)

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