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  1. Reading that reminds me of a Don Martin cartoon in a Mad Magazine when I was a kid…
    Busy housesife is making dinner for the in-laws, when the monster-in-law (snootily drawn) says (snootily) “I see you’re microwaving dinner out of the freezer again. Things are certainly different from when *I* was a new bride…” to the girl who looks rather embarrassed. Then the father-in-law, stereotypically looking to get the digs in wherever possible on his old lady says “Of course dear, in your age, you opened a lot of cans instead” and the accosted wife and father-in-law share an evil grin while the monster-in-law looks suitably chagrined.

    I don’t know what the relation is here, but that was what I thought of when I read this post 🙂

  2. Another good show (it’s new on HGTV) is Eat, Shrink and Be Merry. The Podleski sisters did a great job putting this cookbook together. Each recipe I’ve tried so far has been successful. It’s a fun read too.

  3. Just an interesting note – I plugged my postal code into the “100-Mile Finder” on the 100 Mile Diet website. Looks like I can’t eat produce from Kelowna but I could get it from Washington state, and I can also get stuff from the southern half of Vancouver Island even though it requires a ferry trip or airplane ride to get here. I think I’d need to modify my version of the 100-mile limit to truly achieve a lower ecological footprint because I’m pretty sure that it takes less energy to bring me some apples from Kelowna than from the Island.

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