My So-Called Life

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  1. One thing I gotta tell you is that you are a great writer and I really enjoy your blog because of your wit and comedic outlook on life. Have you thought about writing a book? I know that would be a rather solitary activity but you definitely have a gift… Good luck with the job hunt.

  2. I know it was a busy weekend for a lot of people…try not to take it too personally! Sorry we had to leave early; it was fun while it lasted though!

    I think you can be both happy and interesting, and write well about both – or not, if that’s what you choose. Your online audience might change or go away, but your friends won’t.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I too tried to have a little soiree last weekend, and the turnout was somewhat disappointing.

    Everyone seemed to have plans! Seriously, I think it was just a busy, busy weekend …

    Don’t take it personally (that’s SO something I would do!!)

  4. Heya… I felt bad about changing my rsvp that day. Unfortunately, I was under the weather — I was very much looking forward to catching up with you guys.

    For the record: I think the fact that you live a decent life makes you a decent friend, and certainly an interesting one to talk to.

  5. Had it been as busy as last year I would’ve had to leave. (Jostling makes me nervous) Mixed blessing I guess 😉

  6. I also had a party, about two months ago, and the turn out was significantly smaller than I expected. I was fairly disappointed, but those I talked to later said the evening had been really fun. I kinda thought they were being polite.

    I came to your party just past, and let me tell you honestly: it was totally worth coming. Those who didn’t come, missed out.

    Reading this gave me an interesting insight: you were disappointed because the party wasn’t what you were expecting, but I came to your party not expecting anything, and was pleased at what I found. Mull that.

    BTW, say hi to Scott, Brook, Laura and girl-who-died-and-came-back for me!


  7. Thanks guys 🙂 I definitely had a good time with everyone who came, and don’t really mind those who had to change their plans.

    The post is more reflective about how I feel overall about the current state of my social situation. Clearly no good can come of sitting at home all day most days.

  8. Well I don’t know you IRL but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I, too, would rather be happy than interesting (though I certainly don’t write as well as you do so my blog has never been *that* interesting!) but I agree with the person who said it’s possible to be both. Best of luck with the job hunt!

  9. i’m probably being obtuse, but i’m not sure what your writing has to do with jerk-offs that RSVP for a party and don’t show up (myself included). i also believe you’re much too bright (not to mention self-confident and fabulous) to take said party turnout personally…

    so, the real question is: what’s up? and why aren’t you writing about it? ; )

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