8 thoughts on “Fit-Miss”

  1. I know you’re probably capable of much, much more than this, but would you be interested in a gym buddy? I really want to start doing more than just yoga. We could go to the Kits Community Centre fitness centre together.

    Also, does this mean you will add a new category for Roy-isms instead of Ray-isms? 😀

  2. By capable of “more than this” I actually meant “more strenuous exercise than what your average 3rd-trimester pregnant lady does when she wants to work up a sweat, ASIDE from eating spicy food”.

  3. Oooh, oooh! I JUST told Markus last night that I was joining a gym soon – like this weekend soon. I want a gym buddy too! 🙂

  4. Don’t be too put off by that amount of body fat. I was 22% fat when I was in gymnastics, working out 24 hours a week, and hadn’t even hit puberty yet.

    My (rather smart, in hindsight) mother refused to let my coach measure it a third time after I was chastized for having a .2% increase. Not what every 13 year old girl needs.

  5. I’m curious as to how you define “carb heavy”? The most up-to-date nutritional science suggests that 45-65% of our calories should be coming from carbs (see this pdf. Of course, this recommendation is based on an intake of the appropriate amount of calories and high fibre carb-sources are better than refined carbs.

    But carbs are your friend, I swear!!

  6. I suppose I should’ve specified: my “bad carb” heavy diet.

    I was getting about 75% of my calories from carbs, and most of them were pretty high on the glycemic index. Basically, every time I got hungry, I made toast. Or KD Easy Mac. That was around my regular meals.

    So I’ve made the small changes to make lunch mostly veggies, and substitute the toast snacks with fruit, veggies and high-quality protein as well as cutting way down on the “white” food.

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