Head, meet Desk

6 thoughts on “Head, meet Desk”

  1. Oh no…

    I just found out that the applications to teach this summer had on them “will be graduating in 2006”. Yeah…I’ve already graduated. That was for when I was applying pre-grad. Gee…wonder why I haven’t heard back.

    I feel your pain.

  2. I once mis-spelled the name of a hiring manager on the cover letter. It was a job that I was SO INCREDIBLY QUALIFIED to do. Obviously I didn’t even get an interview, even though it was a Co-op position and I was by far the most senior student applying. Damn that sucked.

  3. I don’t trust Print Previews. It will always look different in print and you’d wish you had done it differently. As for mistakes in your cover letters, I’m surprised – though I’m not looking that carefully, your casual blog writing is not flawed. Maybe you can do it professionally. =D

  4. Open Office? Hmmm, Jen, have tried using uTorrent and Isohunt.com? I think you could “upgrade” to Office 2003 at least. Or so I’ve heard.

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