Head, meet Desk

I am slowly realizing why I’m not getting any bites on the job front.

I am kindof an idiot.

I believe I’ve made some sort of formatting or spelling mistake on every. single. application I’ve sent out.

In a list, I’ve used a dash, then colons (I should’ve gone with one or the other). I’ve completely misquoted the job title (specialist instead of manager). I’ve forgotten an attachment. I’ve misspelled all sorts of words – especially the first few days of using Open Office, before I realized I had to install a dictionary.

In short: I suck.

I can not proof anything on a screen to save my life. You would think this means I’d start printing out cover letters and proofing them on paper before sending – but that seems like such a waste of paper.

My resume is obviously ok, but any cover letter or email I’ve sent is guaranteed to have a tiny glitch in it somewhere. It’s usually only one (sometimes two), but I’m assuming this is the death knell in my chances for all these jobs whose descriptions ask for “attention to detail” and “impeccable writing skills.”

Some days I swear I’m just destined to fail at life.

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6 thoughts on “Head, meet Desk

  1. Karin

    Oh no…

    I just found out that the applications to teach this summer had on them “will be graduating in 2006”. Yeah…I’ve already graduated. That was for when I was applying pre-grad. Gee…wonder why I haven’t heard back.

    I feel your pain.

  2. Sue

    I once mis-spelled the name of a hiring manager on the cover letter. It was a job that I was SO INCREDIBLY QUALIFIED to do. Obviously I didn’t even get an interview, even though it was a Co-op position and I was by far the most senior student applying. Damn that sucked.

  3. Gwen

    I don’t trust Print Previews. It will always look different in print and you’d wish you had done it differently. As for mistakes in your cover letters, I’m surprised – though I’m not looking that carefully, your casual blog writing is not flawed. Maybe you can do it professionally. =D

  4. C-Los

    Open Office? Hmmm, Jen, have tried using uTorrent and Isohunt.com? I think you could “upgrade” to Office 2003 at least. Or so I’ve heard.

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