Taking Back Monday

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  1. His style takes getting used to (at least for me, who’s used to more conventional rapping), but Mike Skinner aka The Streets–it’s just him–has some pretty great stories.

  2. Great article for a Linux Switch campaign if they would have one….
    I’ve been a Linux user for years but not being the “power user” type, what I can note for improvements are only superficial. They have been improving the user experience for sure. You’re also very lucky to have a resident nerd – I didn’t get my all-important MP3s to play immediately!

  3. Rule #1: make sure you have all the drivers needed post-install handy BEFORE you reformat. Burn them to a CD and keep it with your (non-existant) XP install disc somewhere more or less safe. In a pelican case if you live in the hurricane zone. 🙂

    As for being previously-activated, just call MS, tell them that you installed it on a machine, but then it died and you built a replacement and they’ll give you a new activation code. Unless it actually IS still in use, then you’d be lying. Lying is bad.

    Ubuntu is pretty slick though. As soon as they get to the point where a non-technical person can install support for mp3, mpeg, xvid etc then it’ll be ready for “mom n pop’s” computer.

  4. +1 for Ubuntu (and it’s viruses, not virii).

    I would hazard a guess to say that having to google around for info on how to get mp3s working is easier for a non-technical person than, say, downloading, transferring, and installing motherboard drivers.

    I hope the experience works out well for you 🙂

  5. So far so good! Although there are a few things that I’m finding a tad irritating. Mostly a couple of plugins (bloglines notifier, ability to edit id3 tags) that I want, and the install instructions assume I know what a perl module is, and how to access (?) it to install them.

  6. Funny, I just started getting those same messages, and I haven’t dealt with them yet. The computer’s getting slower and programs are failing left and right, so I’d better get on it soon, though. Hmm… Do you suppose Neil could do his tech thing for me over the phone?

    But yeah, that song speaks to me, too. It came to me already installed on the used computer, with the “not genuine” copy of windows. Apparently software installers in Korea figure they can get away with installing “not genuine” copies of English-language windows, because anybody who buys them probably can’t speak enough Korean to complain. Sigh. It was supposed to be so easy.

  7. Rock on Jen… Rock on. I switched to Debian three years ago (Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian). I haven’t looked back.

    The hardest thing I have found is if my next computer should be a Mac or Windows box before I format it and replace with Debian again. The programs on Linux are great for the majority of tasks I do.

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