I <3 U CRA

10 thoughts on “I <3 U CRA”

  1. you must have a *good* accountant then… care to share? ours is shite. and bad. and frustrating. and we hate them.

    am on the hunt for a good accountant who can handle small business taxes without costing me an arm and a leg.

    Oh – i will email you as well…I may have some work thoughts for you.

  2. OMG for a second there I thought you were going to say you’d got your tax accountant intoxicated. That would amuse me GREATLY.

  3. This is the first blog I have ever seen that lauded Daylight Savings Time and tax accountants in consecutive posts.

  4. colleen: thanks for the emails – hope the referral works out for you.

    Sue: For whatever reason, I think he’d be a VERY fun drunk.

    gill: it’s less *having* and more *holding for the bank*

    j: perhaps next I should extoll the virtues of brussel sprouts?

  5. Gill – you haven’t heard the other side of Jen’s story though – she’s an international fugitive on the run from credit card and student loan officials. *grin*

  6. I too am on the hunt for a good accountant … would you mind sharing his/her contact info? It would be mucho appreciated!!

    And hey, congrats on your financial success! 😉

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