While I’m furiously trying to get all those “last minute” things onto a list so I don’t forget to throw them in my suitcase tonight before heading to Jolly Old England tomorrow, there’s one thing I’m going to seriously try NOT to leave room for on my way back: extra weight on my person.

I’m as guilty as anyone else when it comes to putting on some extra pounds when on vacation. Lack of sleep (from both partying and jet lag) contribute to feelings of hunger and sloth combined with the vacation mindset that says one should indulge whenever possible in food, drink and luxuries like just standing on the damn people mover instead of actually walking between airport gates all contribute to a fatter middle by the time the return flight home is leaving.

I must say though, I’ve been feeling really good about my fitness and diet regimen lately (beer consumption training notwithstanding), and would hate to see a month of hard work ruined by a week of reckless indulgence.

So I’m pretty pleased I stumbled across this great article on by Peter Greenberg about how to travel and stay thin.

His tips include navigating the airport cafeteria, being mindful of preparation and portion size when eating away from home, and exercising at the hotel, even if (and especially when) you don’t feel like it.

So here are my plans for this week away:

  • Bring workout DVD and clothes. We’ll have a computer to play them on, so there’s no excuse for not getting in a 30-minute workout in the mornings after Neil’s gone to work.
  • Try out the litebook elite to combat jetlag. I’ll let you know how that goes. If it does work as promised, It’ll certainly be worth its weight in something moderately heavy and semi-precious.
  • Eat “real food” for breakfast/lunch when at all possible. That means no processed, fast food junk. If I can get to a market and grab some bread, cheese and fruit, I think that’ll serve me better than most takeout I can find. Besides which, I need to save the calories for carry away vindaloo for after the pub.
  • No fish and chips. Period. Apparently only tourists eat that shite nowadays anyway.
  • Dancing with myself. The best place to make a fool of one’s self is in a foreign country. A prime example is Norebang (karaoke) in Korea. I shall go to the clubs and dance like I’ve never danced before. As long as (like in the Norebang incident) all photo/video evidence is destroyed.
  • Water, water and more water. Along with helping me fare much better when it does come time to drink, it should keep the rest of my body’s systems functioning at optimal levels.
  • Walking is the new black. I walk a lot when I’m home. To the bus for work, down the street for lunch, home from the bus, out with the dog, over to the store to get milk. I need to find reasons to walk. Fortunately Oxford is supposed to be a beautiful city to do walking tours of – I just need to find other excuses to walk when we bid Oxford adieu.
  • Join the “mile high” club. Sex burns calories, right? And what better way to liven up a 9.5h airplane ride? Perhaps I’d better save this one for the flight home though – just to ensure our return tickets aren’t revoked.
  • Any other ideas from the peanut gallery?

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    1. joann

      oh good! you’ll have a computer access while on holiday! sorry i missed you all leaving. i hope you have a great time! take in the sights! and have a great time!

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